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Slotted Channel Masonry Anchors

Posted on Fri, Dec 28, 2018 @ 02:21 PM

There are many systems for connecting masonry to steel structures but the two most common the Steel Fabricator will see specified on shop drawings are the Slotted Channel sometimes called a Gripstay, and the Rod Anchor which is also referred to as a Wire Tie. This post will deal with the Slotted Channel / Gripstay Anchor.

The standard single Slotted Channel is 8" long with a slot 9/16" wide by 5-7/16" long. Most commonly it is 12-gauge carbon steel. Finish will vary based on requirement. While it is typically welded to the column or beam, it also 

has two holes that allow for power shot nailing in the field. There are versions of the Slotted Channel on the market that will employ 14- or 16-gauge steel. The Steel Supply Company will make these if a project requires it however it does compromise the strength and the interaction with the Slotted Channel Insert is also altered.

Certain projects where the anticipated load may be greater than usual can require the Slotted Channel be manufactured using 3/16" or 1/4" thick steel. If that is the case it is important to verify the inserts will be made with an over sized tab slot.

Steel finish also varies based on requirements. The most common is Mill Galvanized. This thin zinc coating provides a minimum protection from rust, however the areas near the welds will be un-coated. The 8 " Slotted Channel is in stock with a plain or black carbon steel finish, hot dip galvanized or  12-gauge Stainless Steel.

Slotted Channel is also available in an 8' long continuous version, with 12 consecutive slots. The advantage is the Mason will have the maximum number of slots possible to make positive connections. In other situations, the fabricator may elect to use the 8' Continuous Slotted Channel because it does bring efficiency to the fabricating process. They quickly lay out perfectly straight, require fewer total welds, and have the unique break-away sections that allow the fabricator to shorten to the length required without any cutting tools. 

8" Continuous Slotted Channel is in stock in both plain 12-gauge carbon steel and 12-gauge stainless steel.

Another variation of the Slotted Channel is the 6" with tabs. As described above this version is useful for power shooting in the field to block or steel. It has the added benefit of being 2" shorter than the standard Slotted Channel allowing it to mount vertically into narrower beam webs. It is important to note the slot is reduced to 3" in length.

For particular and unique applications The Steel Supply Company can manufacture Slotted Channel, Rod Anchors and any other Masonry Anchor to the specific sizes and configurations your project requires.



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Most Masonry Anchors are intended to be welded to Columns or Beams running straight up and down; i.e. perpendicular to the foundation. This is true of Rod Anchors, sometimes referred to as Weld-On Wire Ties, shown in the photos below and Slotted Channel, which is also called a Gripstay™ Channel or Channel Slot Anchor.

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Things are changing a bit for both structural and miscellaneous steel fabricators. In the past, they have mostly stayed away from anything to do with concrete and the masonry side of the business, including rebar. Their interaction was often limited to welding masonry anchors onto columns and beams. This applied to items such as the wire tie, the Hohmann & Barnard Gripstay or the slotted channel.

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Weld On Masonry Anchors

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Wedge Inserts

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