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Steel Supply Co's rust inhibitive coating primer; a Pratt & Lambert rust inhibitive primer
Pratt & Lambert Rust Inhibitive Primer
red oxide steel primer is fast drying, durable rust inhibitive coating by krylon industrial
Red Oxide Rust Inhibitive Paint
Steel Supply Co’s gray steel primer are now provided under the Krylon Industrial label
Gray Steel Primer
Our gray steel primer is a quality rust inhibitive coating that has become our standard shop coat over the last 100 years
Gray Steel Primer 
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FREE DELIVERY On ANY Steel Primer or Rust Inhibitive Coating !

The Steel Supply Company can deliver water based primers, steel primers, rust inhibitor paint and rust inhibitive coatings anywhere in the United States with no shipping costs.

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From our beginnings as Apex Color Works in 1898, The Steel Supply Company has been an important supplier of rust inhibitive coatings to the Steel Fabricating industry. Even now, in 2018, we continue to add new steel primers and rust inhibitor paint products to fill your needs for basic shop coats, high performance rust inhibitors, top coats and safety colors. For LEEDS certified projects Water Based primers and low VOC coatings are also available.


A new look to standard shop coats

In 2017 Pratt & LambPratt & Lambert rust inhibitive coating and rust inhibitive paint is now provided under Krylon industrial labelert Industrial Coatings changed their identity and labeling.

Our standard shop coats, Red Oxide and Gray, are now provided under the Krylon Industrial label. It is still the same rust inhibitor coating, same quality rust protection, fast drying, durable rust inhibitor coating as the original Apex Colorworks and Pratt & Lambert primers supplied by The Steel Supply Company for over 100 years.

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