Masonry Anchors


The Steel Supply Company offers slotted channel for securing masonry to structural steel and blockSlotted Channel


Steel Supply Co's rod anchors will attach structural steel to exterior brick wallsRod Anchors


Rebar anchors will attach rebar to structural elementsRebar Anchor


Wedge inserts and askew head bolts work simultaneously to prevent movement in relieving angles, shelf angles and lintelsWedge Insert with Askew Head Bolt


 wedge inserts


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The Steel Supply Company manufactures masonry anchors, including slotted channels, rod anchors, wedge inserts, weldable couplers, and rebar anchors.


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The Steel Supply Co's slotted channel masonry anchor is single piece or 8 foot continuous

Slotted Channel

Slotted Channel, Continuous Slotted Channel, Inserts

Steel Supply Co rod anchor wire ties come in plain steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and mill galvanized

Rod Anchors

Rod Anchors, Continuous Rod Anchors, Inserts

Weldable Couplers attach rebar to columns and beams

Weldable Couplers /
Rebar Anchors

Anchors for attaching Rebar to Columns, Beams, Relieving Angles and other structural members

Steel Supply Co wedge inserts come with askew head bolts

Wedge Inserts

Wedge Inserts, Askew Head Bolts

Askew Head Bolt - The Steel Supply Company

Askew Head Bolts

Askew Head Bolts

Sharktooth inserts can be purchased in any length from 3" to 144" (12ft)

Sharktooth Inserts

Sharktooth Conrete Anchor, Sharktooth Insert

PTA Petition Top Anchor

Petition Top Anchor

Allows for Vertical Deflection but resists Lateral Shear on supporting Masonry walls.



Notched Column Anchor

Ties Steel Columns to Masonry



Column Anchor 

Made to Order

Ties Steel Columns and Beams to Masonry in any design.


Masonry Anchor Cross-Reference Chart


To learn more about masonry anchors, including rebar anchors, weldable couplers, slotted channels, askew head bolts, wedge inserts, rod anchors & more, contact us or request a free quote today!


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