Galvanized Vent Hole Plugs

Tapered plugs that can quickly and easily seal vent holes in steel rails or fabricated steel.

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Whenever fabricated steel has to be galvanized vent holes should be present to allow liquid zinc and pressure to flow freely throughout the confined spaces. If the fabricator is required to close these vent holes after galvanizing these tapered plugs are the best way to do it.

  • Fast, Easy Installation
  • Permanent
  • Clean Looking
  • Inexpensive
Vent Hole Plugs are available in a wide assortment of diameters and are made of either aluminum or zinc. (Click to see listings) Installing them is simple. Select the correct diameter for the vent hole being sealed. The smaller end will fit in and the plug will go about 1/2 way in. Several firm hits with a hammer will drive the plug in tight. The aluminum or zinc, being soft metals, will form to the hole and create a tight wedge seal.
With a hand file or any abrasive, the excess material can easily be filed away. If necessary any scratches in the Hot Dip Galvanized coating can be repaired with Aervoe Bright Galvanize Spray or Liquid.
Note: Vent holes should have a relatively uniform circumference. Holes burned with a plasma torch may be uneven. In this case the hole should be treated with a drill to even the diameter.
Download Vent Hole Plug Installation Instructions also covers Burned and Irregular Holes



Galvanized Vent Hole Plug

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