Clevis Rods and Turnbuckle Rod Assembly


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clevis and turnbuckle road assembly diagramTurnbuckle and Clevis Assembly Diagram






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Turnbuckle Rods, Clevis Rods, Hanger Rods, Sag Rods  

Click on the selection below to view a diagram showing dimensions and measuring systems for hanger rod, clevis rod ends, sag rod, and turnbuckle rod assembly.


Also useful in designing Turnbuckle Rods and Clevis Rods is a review of the Grinnell Standard Clevises. These specifications limit the variables in Clevis design such as Grip Width and Pin Diameter.

Turnbuckle Rods, Clevis Rods, Hanger Rods and Sag Rods are made to job specifications.

All round bar and hardware are melted and made domestically.

Round Bar is rolled and threaded to ASTM Specification F1554.

Carbon Steel Turnbuckles are drop forged as per ASTM F1145. Stainless Steel is drop forged to ASTM A182.

Carbon Steel Clevises are forged as per ASTM A668. Stainless Steel is per ASTM A473.

Standard Carbon Steel Clevis Pins are made from hot rolled round bar. Other Carbon Alloys, Stainless Steel and heat treating are available.

When required Hot Dip Galvanizing is done to ASTM specification A123 / A153.


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