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Steel Supply Essentials: From Protective Coatings to Specialty Hardware

Posted on Tue, Apr 23, 2024 @ 11:20 AM


Fig. 1 Krylon Rust Inhibitive Steel Coatings. Available in 5 gallon pails or 53 gallon drums

From our beginnings in 1898 Rust Inhibitive Steel Coatings has been one of the main product lines. Krylon®, a division of Sherwin Williams, is a solid coating that dries fast and delivers excellent protection against rust. Fig. 1.

At competitive cost, The Steel Supply Company can deliver Krylon® Steel Coatings anywhere in the 48 states with no delivery charge. For fabricators in Canada or Mexico we can also work with you to assure the coatings are delivered economically.



Fig. 2 Wedge Inserts and Askew Head Bolts

Steel Supply also stretches the limits with specialty hardware that is unique to steel fabricating and erecting. Wedge Inserts, Fig. 2, an essential for mounting relieving angles to concrete, and the required Askew Head Bolts are in stock, ready to ship same day.


                                                              Fig. 3 Hillside Washer

Hillside Washers, Fig. 3, Plain Finish and Hot Dip        Galvanized are also in stock from 3/8” diameter rod to 1-1/4” diameter.



Fig. 4 Steel Wedge with
Knock-out Block


Made to Order Wedges are another example of the range of manufacturing capabilities available to help you solve unusual and unexpected problems in your projects.


Fig. 5 Large Steel Wedge, 28” x 28”
       tapering from 1” down to 1/8”.

The two Made to Order Wedges shown, Fig. 4 and Fig. 5, are designed to serve two completely different functions and solve totally different problems. What’s more, while both are termed “Wedges” they are produced using completely different machinery and manufacturing systems.             

 As structural engineering and design continue to develop advances are finding their way into steel projects in many new ways.

Picture6For example, in the past Rebar, and anything to do with it was part of the concrete contractor’s package. With the elevated use of Rebar Anchors for structural reinforcement contractors are finding it more efficient to weld the anchors in the fabricating shop. Steel Supply can provide Dayton Superior® Rebar Anchors and Couplers as well as their proprietary tapered thread rebar.

Fig. 6 Weldable Rebar Anchor




Fig. 7 Vibration Isolation                                              Fig. 8 Thermal Break Bearings                                                                                  Bearings

Another example of design advances are Vibration Isolation Bearings (Fig. 7) and Thermal Break Bearings (Fig. 8) While serving two different functions, they are both appearing more often in plans. The Steel Supply Company is experienced in handling all the bearing variations and can assist you with accurate quotes, excellent quality and fast turnaround times.