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Custom fabricated structural bearings for buildings, bridges, and infrastructure.

Structural bearing pads are fabricated to your specification.

Thermal Break Bearings - Horizontal

Also called thermal insulation material, thermal break bearings are made from fiberglass-reinforced laminate. They are designed to maintain structural integrity while minimizing heat loss. (Fig. 1.) These horizontal thermal break bearings are often made from Fiber Reinforced Plastic, which has varying compressive strength, sometimes as high as 60,000 psi. 



Thermal Break Bearing - Structural

Typically made of High density Structural Urethane and designed for use under base plates, these pads can have compressive strengths up to 1,800 lbs. psi. (Fig. 2)





Elastomeric Bearings

Uniformly transfer specified vertical loads to the support structure while allowing horizontal movement and rotation (Fig. 3.)

Seismic Bearings

Effective isolation in all seismic zones and soil types. Variable choices of stiffness, damping and other properties (Fig. 4.)




Fabreeka Pads

Fabric reinforced pads composed of tightly twisted duck fabric molded into a commercial elastomeric compound, Fabreeka pads are suited for the reduction of impact shock, vibration and structure-borne noise (Fig. 5.)





Isolation Washers / Bushings

Fabreeka bushings used to eliminate metal to metal contact and break the vibration or shock transmission path. (Fig. 6.)





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Thermal Break Bearing

Fig. 1 Thermal Break Bearings - Horizontal



High Density Structural Urethane

Fig. 2 Thermal Break Bearing - Structural

elastomeric bearings

Fig. 3 Elastomeric Bearing


seismic baeringsFig. 4 Seismic Bearings

  fabreeka pads
Fig. 5 Fabreeka Pads


Isolation Washers

Fig. 6 Isolation Washers



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