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Steel Wedge with Knock-Out Block

Posted on Tue, Dec 17, 2019 @ 12:44 PM

Steel Wedges of all sizes and dimensions remain one of the simplest products The Steel Supply Company manufactures, yet also one of the most difficult to manufacture cost effectively. The 17 standard sizes we keep in stock are Drop Forged Wedges. This is the most economical manufacturing method. Made to order dimensions require the part be made manually which is more time consuming, but as long as it is a simple wedge the process remains straightforward.

Steel-Wedge-with-Knock-Out-BlockWhen a design requires a knock out block the manufacturing process requires a number of additional steps. The height of the block, or portion that extends upward, is often the determining factor in how the wedge will be produced. Cutting a rectangular starting piece and milling the wedge will work but requires significant time and will require more end mill sharpening and replacement. At times we have found drilling opposing  starting holes and saw cutting the wedge shape from the inside saves time and equipment.

While less costly a standard triangle shaped wedge does not offer a surface to apply force whenMade to Order Steel Wedge with Knock Out Block extracting the wedge. While adding cost to the wedge the knock-out block saves time and adds safety when in use. As well, at times it is essential due to field conditions such as extremely low temperatures when workers can only be exposed for minutes at a time. We see this requirement in the oil and gas drilling industries that are often operating in the Arctic Circle. 

The upright block provides a surface to apply force when removing the wedge. This is done with a pry bar or slide hammer. It also acts as a stop that will prohibit the wedge from being driven in too deeply. This is an important feature because once a wedge is driven entirely beneath the surface there is a possibility of injury when it is being removed.

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