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ASTM A449 Anchor Bolt Specifications

Posted on Wed, Oct 01, 2014 @ 03:33 PM

Regarding anchor bolts, ASTM A449 is not a material that should be specified. Regardless, our steel fabricating customer often see drawings calling out for A-449 anchor bolts or fully threaded studs. This is frequently DOT Highway work, where AASHTO specs are more common.

The document that controls anchor bolt manufacturing is ASTM F1554. It clearly states the three grades of round bar it covers; A-36, Grade 55, and Grade A-105. With fully threaded studs, the names change--but the physical properties are the same. They are: A-307, Grade 55 and B-7. A-105 and B-7 that represent the strongest tensile and yield strengths.

In the smaller diameters, A-449 has properties similar to A-105, and with some attention, the engineer will often approve a switch from A-449 to A-105. The properties are not identical, with A-449 having a tensile and yield slightly lower than A-105. However, as the diameter increases, the tensile and yield strengths of A-449 continue to decrease.

For example, here are the properties for A-449:

                Round Bar Diameter range 1” and below
                                                                Tensile = 120 ksi minimum
                                                                Yield    =   92 ksi minimum
                Round Bar Diameter range 1-1/8 to 1-1/2” inclusive
                                                                Tensile = 105 ksi minimum
                                                                Yield    =   81 ksi minimum
                Round Bar Diameter range 1-5/8 to 3” inclusive
                                                                Tensile =   90 ksi minimum
                                                                Yield    =   58 ksi minimum

For comparison purposes, the requirements of A-105 are as follows:

                Round Bar Diameter range 1” and below
                                                                Tensile = 125 ksi minimum
                                                                Yield    = 105 ksi minimum

To simplify the issue for our steel fabricating customers, The Steel Supply Company stocks A-449 round bar and threaded rod with full mill certifications. Also, we will always be willing to speak directly with your project engineer or architect to provide any information they need to make any decisions regarding adjustments.


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