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Clevis and Turnbuckle Assemblies

Posted on Fri, Nov 12, 2021 @ 02:51 PM

Clevis and Turnbuckle Assemblies

Clevis and Turnbuckle Assemblies are produced at The Steel Supply Company as part of our Round Bar Threading and Anchor Bolt manufacturing process.

The two types of Clevis and Turnbuckle assemblies have the same function however there are differences that need to be recognized when ordering.

Clevis Rod Assemblies have 5 components. A Clevis at each end, a pin for each clevis, and the rod connecting the Clevises. The rod is threaded with right-hand threads at one end and left-hand threads at the other. Reflecting the rod, one Clevis is threaded right hand, the other left hand. Once installed the assembly can be tightened by rotating the rod. Depending on the direction, each rotation will draw the clevises in, creating greater tension, or push them outward relaxing the tension. Figure 1.

Clevis Rod Assembly

To manufacture a Clevis Rod Assembly the information required is;

  • Length of Assembly. This is measured from the center of one pin to the center of the other.
  • Rod Diameter and Steel Grade.
  • Clevis size. A chart showing the available clevises is available on our website.
  • Clevis Pin Diameter and Grip Width. Note Grip width is usually 1/16” to 1/8” larger than the Clevis Plate it will connect to.
  • Thread length can be specified. If it is not available, the Clevis size chart shows the dimensions. Following the link above, the drawing will show a clevis. Adding together dimension N + A will yield the maximum the thread would need to be under normal conditions.


Turnbuckle Rod Assemblies

Turnbuckle Rod Assemblies have 6 components and function differently. A useful diagram is available on our website. There are now two rods separated by a turnbuckle. In this assembly the rods remain stationary. The only piece that rotates is the turnbuckle. To increase or relax tension it is threaded with right-hand threads on one side and left-hand threads on the other. In typical applications the Clevises are both right hand thread. A useful guide and worksheet are available here.

To manufacture a Turnbuckle Rod Assembly the information required is;

  • All Clevis Rod Assembly information shown above.
  • Turnbuckle take-up required.
  • Turnbuckle location on the rod. If the assembly will be independent the turnbuckle can be centered. If it will cross over another assembly, the turnbuckles should be offset. The Turnbuckle Guide on the link above will illustrate and explain the dimensional requirements.


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