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Steel Supply Co. offers a full line of Clevises with exceptional quality, available from 1/4" diameter / 1 lb. to 4" diameter / 90 lbs. Clevises can be made to job specifications.

Clevis Specifications

  • Material: C-1035, SA-182-F11, F22, Stainless Steel Clevis (See note on Stainless Steel Clevis surface rust.)
  • Threads: U.N.C./U.N.F. Class 2B, Right or Left Hand, Metric
  • Finish: Self-Colored, Galvanized, Plated, Electro-Polished
  • Options: Heat Treating, Special Threading
  • Note: Pins Sold Separately – Straight or Headed 100% Domestic Materials, Certifications Provided Upon Request


Steel Supply Co. provides Clevises to Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Fabricators     

The Steel Supply Co. offers Clevises from number 2 to number 8

* Note: T Dimension. The variables directly below each "T" Dimension represent the amount of variable in the value shown. + is above the value, - is below.

** Note: Pin Hole will be 1/16" to 1/8" larger than the Maximum Pin Diameter.

Maximum Values for Clevis Grip, Pin and Tap

Grinnel Standards

The Clevis chart above shows many of the measurements as ranges. For example Clevis #CL40 shows a thread maximum diameter of 1-3/4". The thread can be any diameter up to that. The same is true for Clevis Pin diameter (P), and Clevis Grip width (G).
These variables allow for hundreds of different configurations. 
Grinnel Standards are a set of basic Clevis designs that narrow down the range of possibilities into a few common configurations. 

See the specifications of the Grinnel Standard Clevises.

To learn more about our Clevises, contact us or request a free quote today.

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