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Specialty Masonry Anchors

Posted on Mon, Sep 11, 2023 @ 02:48 PM

We previously illustrated the most common masonry anchors, the Rod Anchor and the Slotted Channel. There are many situations where unique circumstances call for special function Masonry Anchors.

Rod-AnchorFireproof Rod Anchors

These are designed to extend substantially higher than standard rod anchors.

Important to note the steel in Fig. 1 is coated with the standard Rust Inhibitive Red Oxide Primer. This is the final coating this steel will receive. In this case a standard # 310 Rod Anchor, with 3/8” clearance is most effective.

In Fig. 2 the steel has been left uncoated. Mild oxidation is already occurring. This steel will be coated with a Fibrous Fireproof Coating that will be approximately 2” thick. Note the standard Rod Anchor in Fig. 1 would not extend beyond the 2” Fibrous coating and would be completely covered.

Fireproof-Rod-AnchorThe Fireproof Rod Anchor rises 3” above the steel surface and 1” above the Fibrous Coating. This leaves it visible and accessible to the mason and also allows for movement without disturbing the fiber coating.

A selection of Fireproof Rod Anchors is in stock. As well they can be formed in any height and any configuration desired based on specific conditions.


Break-Away Masonry Anchors

Break Away masonry anchors are designed to melt and give way in a fire. This allows the connectedColumn-Anchor-300-x-285-Zinc structures to separate if either one is collapsing, and thereby leave the other side intact. In a typical situation a block fire wall is connected to steel columns. In a fire the steel will absorb heat and begin to lose strength. At 1,100°F the steel’s strength has been reduced by 50% and collapse becomes more likely.

Type-A-Insert-Zinc-Break-Away-300-x-249The Break-Away Masonry Anchor is made from Zinc which has a melting point of 789°F. Once the temperature goes above that the masonry anchor has turned to liquid. If the steel columns should collapse they are disconnected from the block fire wall and the intent is to leave the wall standing and functioning to contain the fire.

Due to their unique function Break Away Masonry Anchors are made to order in the specific dimensions required.