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Steel Supply Essentials: From Protective Coatings to Specialty Hardware

Posted on Tue, Apr 23, 2024 @ 11:20 AM

Fig. 1 Krylon Rust Inhibitive Steel Coatings. Available in 5 gallon pails or 53 gallon drums

From our beginnings in 1898 Rust Inhibitive Steel Coatings has been one of the main product lines. Krylon®, a division of Sherwin Williams, is a solid coating that dries fast and delivers excellent protection against rust. Fig. 1.

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Setting Base Plates, Handrails, Anchor Bolts

Posted on Thu, Apr 04, 2024 @ 11:29 AM

Cementitious Expansion Grout

On any construction project, grout can be found everywhere. Mounting Handrails, Setting Anchor Bolts, Under Base Plates, etc. The important thing to consider when using grout is exposure to the elements.

Typical construction uses a “controlled expansion” grout, i.e. – as it sets it expands slowly to create pressure. This can be achieved with a Portland Cement based grout, or gypsum based. The difference is the Portland cement type will expand and remain at its expanded pressure indefinitely in both interior and exterior environments.

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Slide Bearings with Rotation Allowance

Posted on Thu, Mar 14, 2024 @ 02:59 PM

Note : Bearings can be standard configuration or uniquely designed by the project engineer or architect. The plan should not be altered without the approval of the designer.

As construction engineering advances, more frequently Slide Bearings are being designed with bonded rubber layers to allow for rotation and/or vibration isolation. There is a standard configuration for these bearings and some basics should be understood.

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Thermal Break, Teflon® Slide Bearings, Dielectric, Vibration Isolation...

Posted on Thu, Feb 22, 2024 @ 01:07 PM

Taking a look at a recent steel project shows an example of how bearings are becoming more prevalent in the steel fabricating and general construction world.

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New Location Now in Scranton, PA

Posted on Thu, Jan 04, 2024 @ 10:21 AM

The Steel Supply Company has opened a new ANCHOR BOLT manufacturing facility in Scranton Pennsylvania.

This offers you

  • Shorter Lead Times
  • More Competitive Prices
  • Faster Deliveries
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Transition Couplers

Posted on Mon, Dec 18, 2023 @ 10:55 AM

As Rebar Couplers become more commonplace in Steel Construction several problems can arise. A common one is varying diameter rebar. To the steel fabricator, typically welding the Bar Lock® Rebar Anchors to the columns in the shop this would appear irrelevant. The catch occurs if the anchors are threaded and one solution is the Transitional Coupler.

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Rebar Anchors

Posted on Thu, Dec 07, 2023 @ 11:45 AM

A Growing Trend in Steel Fabricating and Construction

As technology and engineering advances find their way in construction designs, the REBAR ANCHOR is one of the additions found more often in recent projects. There are various types and strengths. The article Rebar Anchors Type I and Type II Connections spells out the basic differences.

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Construction Grade Shims

Posted on Wed, Oct 11, 2023 @ 12:10 PM

Steel / Galvanized / Stainless / Construction Grade Plastic

Slotted / Solid / Wedge Shaped

As a major manufacturer of shims to steel fabricators and the general construction trades, The Steel Supply Company has provided shims to projects as diverse as Yankee Stadium and Hawaii’s H-1 Highway.

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Thermal Break Bearings

Posted on Tue, Sep 19, 2023 @ 04:13 PM

Thermal Break Bearings

Thermal Breaks are bearings that separate steel to stop the escape of energy from a structure. Energy, in this case, means heat. Typically, the bearing will stop the escape of heat. Example, and warm apartment house in the winter. But it can also be used to keep heat out. Example, a Refrigerated Warehouse chilled to 20°F in the summer.

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Specialty Masonry Anchors

Posted on Mon, Sep 11, 2023 @ 02:48 PM

We previously illustrated the most common masonry anchors, the Rod Anchor and the Slotted Channel. There are many situations where unique circumstances call for special function Masonry Anchors.

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