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Steel, Concrete and Masonry Anchors

Posted on Wed, Aug 09, 2023 @ 04:09 PM

Masonry Anchors play an integral part in any steel and concrete structure and they take many forms to do so.

Masonry to Steel Structure

Slotted-Channel-and-Rod-Anchor---600-x-433Rod Anchors and Slotted Channel are the most basic and common ways to secure Block and/or Brick to the steel columns and beams. Usually, so they can be accurately placed and securely welded, plans will call for them to be attached at the fabricating shop. However, there are instances where they will be attached in the field. While the rod anchor would still require welding, the Slotted Channel is supplied with holes at each end to accept the PAT Pin (Powder Actuated Tool Nail).


Steel to Concrete / Masonry StructureWedge Insert Askew Bolt 600 x 800


For the opposite situation, where the steel is being secured to concrete, such as a Relieving Angle the Wedge Insert provides excellent, permanent strength while also leaving the ability to adjust for variations.

A full line of Hot Dip Galvanized Slotted Shims are also available for spacing Relieving Angles and Lintels. 




Rebar to Steel Structure

Rebar-Anchor-600-x-600Reinforcement Bars can be anchored to steel columns and beams using Rebar Anchors. As shown, they all provide for a penetration weld and allow for options to secure the Rebar.

They are also manufactured in two Yield Strength levels;

              Type 1 – 125% of Rebar yield strength level

             Type 2 – 160% of Rebar yield strength level

Read more about Rebar Anchors and Type 1 & 2 yield strengths.


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