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Rebar Anchors

Posted on Thu, Dec 07, 2023 @ 11:45 AM

A Growing Trend in Steel Fabricating and Construction

As technology and engineering advances find their way in construction designs, the REBARD260-Rebar-Anchor-350-x-400 ANCHOR is one of the additions found more often in recent projects. There are various types and strengths. The article Rebar Anchors Type I and Type II Connections spells out the basic differences.

When connected to a column or beam these anchors usually require a 360° penetration weld. For this reason, they will be attached at the steel fabricating shop where they can be welded accurately and efficiently.

Plans will often call out specific manufacturers and styles. The most prominent are Dayton Superior®, Erico/Lenton® and Barsplice®. These are all available through The Steel Supply Company. It should be noted if plans do require a specific manufacturer, with no option to deviate, it is best to order them as early as possible to avoid any supply chain shortages.

D360-Rebar-Anchor-250-x-325In cases where the anchor has to be secured in the field typically time is critical. To meet these demands The Steel Supply Company keeps a deep inventory and often requirements can be shipped from stock.

Note: If the anchor is a threaded connection one very important concern the project manager should be aware of is the difference between straight thread and tapered thread. Straight thread will follow UNC standards so the coupler and rebar do not need to be coordinated. Tapered thread couplers have no set standard. Every manufacturer has their own specifications. For this reason, if the coupler is tapered the threaded rebar should be purchased from that same company.

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