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Hillside Washers and Bracer Rod Washers

Posted on Wed, Sep 28, 2016 @ 08:00 AM

The typical Hillside Washer, also known as a Bracer Rod Washer, is made from ductile iron and serves the purpose of providing a perpendicular surface regardless of the angle of the Turnbuckle Rod they are anchoring. As shown in the illustration, the oval surface will allow a nut and washer to seat itself at the proper angle just by the tension created when tightening the turnbuckle.

Hillside Washers and Bracer Rod WashersThe locking tab on the underside slots into the hole and stops the Hillside Washer from sliding in the direction of the tension. This is all that is necessary to hold it in place.

Because the Hillside Washer is made from ductile cast iron, Steel Fabricators and Erectors have asked if it is weldable. Not all grades of cast iron can be welded. Of those that can be, special steps need to be followed to assure the steel is fused. Again, it is designed to work with only the tension of the rod holding it in place.

Hillside Washers and Bracer Rod WashersItems like these are often overlooked in a project until they are needed. For that reason, The Steel Supply Company stocks all sizes in significant depth. This includes Hot Dip Galvanized Hillside Washers.

While galvanizing this type of item, it is no more difficult that galvanizing our slotted steel shims and is just as time consuming. A typical galvanizing turnaround time is 5 working days. In addition, most galvanizers have a minimum lot charge. For example, if a Fabricator was needed on 10 Bracer Rod Washers and they needed to get galvanized, the cost for galvanizing alone could exceed $ 10.00 each.

By galvanizing large quantities in advance and combining the Hillside Washers with other products, like our Slotted Steel Shims or Anchor Bolts, we are able to keep the cost of Hot Dip galvanizing and transportation to a minimum. This offers the Steel Fabricator and Erector much lower costs and the ability to ship same day. 

Hillside Washers and Bracer Rod Washers

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