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5/8" Diameter Askew Head Bolt

Posted on Sat, Jul 20, 2013 @ 03:34 PM


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Specially made Askew Head Bolts for use with 5/8 Wedge Inserts.

The Askew Head Bolt is primarily used in conjunction with Embedded Wedge Inserts. The purpose is to secure relieving angles (also known as Shelf Angles.)

5 8 x 6 inch askew head bolt

Presently, and for the last approximately 20 years, Wedge Inserts require a 3/4" diameter Askew Head Bolt. As far as we know all new construction calling for Wedge Inserts (Relieving Angle Inserts, Shelf Inserts) specifies 3/4" diameter bolts. This is true of both the regular insert (3-3/16" long) and the Long Wedge Insert (5-1/2" long).
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The 5/8" Askew Head Bolt will only be required on renovation projects where earlier model  5/8" Wedge Inserts are already embedded.

It is important to note:

5/8 Askew Head Bolts are a regular stock item. Almost opposite from the 3/4 Askew Head Bolt, these are not manufactured in bulk. Should a project require a large quantity it would be best to verify stock is available and/or allow enough time to manufacture the quantity you require.

The stock 5/8" Askew Head Bolt is 6" long. These can be cut to size and re-chamfered.

This part is manufactured domestically in very small lots. They are significantly more expensive than the mass produced 3/4 Askew Head Bolts. When estimating a job that may require 5/8 Askew Head Bolts, it is advisable to get a firm price quote.

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