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Universal Steel Primers

Universal Steel Primers are used whenever the steel will be top coated with a urethane, epoxy or any other coating with a solvent base strong enough to dissolve aSteel Supply Co. offers Universal Steel Primers for Structural and Miscellaneous steel fabricators. standard primer. They can stand up to any form of coating including fibrous flake spray on fireproofing.

The Steel Supply Company uses a propriety formula designed especially for the Structural and Miscellaneous steel fabricator working on especially demanding applications. The strength of the Universal Primer finished coat also provides more durable protection to carbon steel for extended periods when exposed to exterior environments.

Universal Primer Information

Steel Supply Item # Color VOC Info* Packaging Product Date Sheet
698 Universal - Red Red Oxide Below 340 gm/liter 5 Gallon Pails Data Sheet
      53 Gallon Drums  
698 Universal - Gray Gray Below 340 gm/liter 5 Gallon Pails Data Sheet
      53 Gallon Drums  


* VOC Info
Many states apply a limit of 340 gm/liter to industrial coatings for VOC (volatile organic compound) compliance.
Consult your state or local regulations for the limits that apply in your area


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