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Weld Through Primers
Steel Supply Co. offers Weld Through Primers in Red Oxide and Gray Shop Coat.

The Steel Supply Company offers Weld Through Primers in both Red Oxide and Gray Shop Coat. These rust inhibitive coating primers are competitively priced and are delivered freight free anywhere in the United States (with a minimum order of 80 gallons)

The main difference between Standard Shop Coats and Weld Through Shop Coats is the ability to afford some rust protection after welding. A standard shop coat, when welded will burn away completely. Weld Through primers have an added zinc component. During welding the primer components all burn away except the zinc. This infuses back into the weld and provides some protection from rust.

Krylon Weld Through primers have the added advantage of having one of the lowest VOC contents for alkyd based steel coatings available, with stated levels below 250 grams per liter.

Weld Through Primers - Recommended surface preparation is SSPC-2. 

Krylon Item # Old Pratt & Lambert Item # VOC Info* Packaging Product Date Sheet
K00020101 none Below 250 gm/liter 5 Gallon Pails Data Sheet
      53 Gallon Drums  
K00020102 none Below 250 gm/liter 5 Gallon Pails Data Sheet
      53 Gallon Drums  

* VOC Info
Many states apply a limit of 340 gm/liter to industrial coatings for VOC (volatile organic compound) compliance.
Consult your state or local regulations for the limits that apply in your area

To learn more about our Rust Inhibitive Coating Primers and Weld Through Primers, contact us or request a free quote today.

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