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Sylodyn® High Resilient Bearings

Structural Bearings with High Performance Vibration Dampening Material

Sylodyn® bearings are used in areas, joints and connections where there is need to protect a structure from Vibration. It can withstand extreme loads and is viable for vibration dampening in;

  • Commercial and Residential Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Conference Centers
  • Research Facilities
  • Railways
Sylodyn® High Resilient Bearings

Sylodyn® is also an effective solution for isolating impact noise on floors and stairs, noise between walls and floors, and also on machines where typical operation would transmit vibration or impact into the supporting structure.

Getzner Corporation's Sylodyn® is a closed cell elastomer that does not absorb water. It has a lifespan that can reach 100 years in typical service applications.

Static Ranges for Sylodyn are from 10.9 to 217.6 psi.

Sylodyn® High Resilient Bearings High Strength

For Sylodyn HRB static ranges are from 435.1 to 1740.5 psi.

As with all Getzner products, technical and engineering assistance is available to assist in providing the information necessary for the architect and engineer during bearing design and specification.

Specific details on each Sylodyn® material. Click to see full data on each material.

Sylodyn® Product Name Color Static Range of Use (psi) Static Range of Use (N/mm2) Load Peaks (psi) Load Peaks (N/mm2) Details
NB Red 10.9 0.1 290 2.00 Inch / mm
NC Yellow 21.8 0.2 435 3.00 Inch / mm
ND Green 50.8 0.4 610 4.20 Inch / mm
NE Blue 108.8 0.8 870 6.00 Inch / mm
NF Violet 217.6 1.5 985 6.80 Inch / mm
HRB HS 3000 Dark Green 435.1 3.0 1740 12.00 Inch / mm
HRB HS 6000 Dark Blue 870.2 6.0 2611 18.00 Inch / mm
HRB HS 12000 Dark Brown 1,740.50 12.0 3481 24.00 Inch / mm

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