Embed Studs

Steel Supply Co. offers various Embed Studs as part of our larger category of Threaded Rod products.

Embed Studs are used when bolting to solid concrete with no pass-through access. They are usually All Threaded Rod cut to the required length. High strength epoxy secures the stud permanently in place.

The Steel Supply Company offers Red Head A7+ epoxy for embed and anchoring projects.

Steel Supply Co.'s Chamfered Embed Studs are the most common type of Embed Studs.

Chamfered Embed Studs

Embed Studs can take many forms. The most common is simply cutting threaded rod to the required length. The exposed end should always be chamfered to allow for a proper nut fit. The embedded end will usually be inserted into epoxy or cement and will not receive a nut. For this reason, it can be left in its “as cut” condition, which will limit the cost. Before accepting studs as cut consider the installation benefits of treating the embedded end as well as the exposed end.

Steel Supply Co.'s As Cut Embed Studs will leave a rough end that won’t accept a nut easily.

As Cut Embed Studs

Note the rod as cut leaves a rough end that will not accept a nut easily. If being embedded the flat end also creates greater resistance when passing through the liquid epoxy.

After drilling the required hole and cleaning all the dust out, epoxy will be injected up to about 2/3 full. Even immediately from the tube these epoxies are high viscosity, thick fluids. There is also a short curing window before the Embedded Stud must be in place. Treating the stud ends after cutting can greatly assist when installing the studs to full depth.

Steel Supply Co.'s 45° Point Embed Studs are easier to insert but can effect alignment.

45° Point Embed Studs

The embedded end can also be prepared with a 45° cut as shown. While easier to insert this can force the stud to one side of the hole, and possibly effect alignment.

Steel Supply Co.'s Chisel Point Embed Studs can hold the center of the hole easier.

Chisel Point Embed Studs

Another alternative is the Chisel Point. While it requires more labor to produce (2 saw cuts vs. 1) it can hold the center of the hole easier and still pass through the epoxy with less effort and time.

By using All Threaded Rod there is ample irregular surface area for the epoxy or cement to adhere to and develop exceptional pull-out strength. For this reason, embed studs will not have any form of washer or head at the embedded end.

To learn more about our Embed Stud products, including Chamfered, As Cut, 45° Point and Chisel Point Embed Studs, contact us or request a free quote today.