Red Head A7+ Quick Cure Adhesive

High Strength Anchoring Epoxy (formerly Epcon A7)

Steel Supply Co. offers Red Head A7+ Adhesive Anchor, formerly known as Epcon A7.   Steel Supply Part No. Red Head Part No. Description
Adhesive Anchors
  730-A7-10 A7P-10 Red Head A7+ 9.5 oz Cartridge w/ Nozzle
  730-A7-28 A7P-28 Red Head A7+ 28 oz Cartridge w/ Nozzle
Steel Supply Co. Nozzles come in short or long sizes. Nozzles
  730-A24 A24S Short Nozzle (for 10 oz. Cartridge)
  730-E55 E55 Long Nozzle (for 28 oz. Cartridge)

Red Head A-7+ Technical Data Sheet

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