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Teflon® Slide Bearings
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

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Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE, better known as Teflon® can be used for Slide Bearings in its pure form, known as Virgin Teflon®, or as Fiberglass Infused Teflon®.

It has a very low coefficient of friction, high compresssive strength and can remain stable at temperatures up to 400°F. For the standard expansion joint in a steel structure these are ideal properties in that most assemblies never approach 400°F and with a compressive strength range of 70 psi to 2,000 psi, the bearing can be designed to accomodate almost any weight load.

While Virgin PTFE has the required attributes for a Slide Bearing it is not as durable as Fiberglass Infused PTFE or Fluorogold®. It also has a tendency to indent its silhouette into the opposing Teflon® surface. For this reason designs using Virgin PTFE should consider;

  • Upgrade to Fluorogold® or Fiberglass Infused Teflon®
  • If Virgin PTFE is designated, it should be on the lower member, with the upper being polished stainless steel.



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Slide Bearing Assemblies can be designed to any specification required.


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