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Direct Tension Indicators

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Squirter® DTI Washers

Direct Tension Indicator washers provide a positive, visible method of assuring structural bolts are tightened to the required compression.

The convex ridges that face up house small pockets of bright orange silicone on the bottom side. (See photo below)

During tightening the ridges will resist until the required compression is achieved. At that point the ridges compress and force the silicone out of the cavity.

This allows the erector to immediately know if bolts are tightened to the correct pressure. It also eliminates the need for gauges or extra measures to ensure tightness.

DuraSquirt® DTI

DuraSquirt® Direct Tension Indicator Washers provide all the same advantages as the standard Squirter® DTI Washer. The added benefit is the Silicone used is designed to withstand exposure to the elements for up to 2 years. This includes rain, heat, cold and sunlight. So, after tightening the connection to the required compression the silicone indicators will squirt from the sides and become visible. They will cure and remain in place for up to 2 years, making inspection simple and efficient.


Squirter ®DTI's and DuraSquirt® DTI's are manufactured for connections using bolts from 1/2" up to 1-1/2" diameter.

They are available in ASTM A325 and A490 specifications.


DTI's are available with a plain finish and also mechanically galvanized for added resistance to the elements.

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    A325          A490




DTI Silicon-Indicator