Wire Rope

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From OSHA Cable to Slings to Complete Turnbuckle Assemblies,

The Steel Supply Company has the Wire Rope supplies Fabricators and Erectors need.

Steel Supply Co. offers wire rope slings; any size or configuration can be made to order.

Wire Rope Slings



Steel Supply Co.'s spools of wire ropes are available in plain steel, galvanized and stainless steel.Spools of Wire Rope



All configurations of Steel Supply Co.'s wire rope turnbuckle assemblies can be delivered to your job site.    Wire Rope Turnbuckle Assemblies



Wire rope turnbuckle assembly from Steel Supply Co. can be made to your specifications.

Turnbuckle Assembly pieces for wire rope


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Mechanical Splice and Hand Splice, all slings are made from 6 x 19 EIP wire rope and tested to required load limits. As per OSHA requirements, each wire rope sling has a tag woven into the wire showing the required date and location of manufacture, the dimensions and load limits.

Slings - Stock Sizes (see listing)

Any size or configuration can also be made to order.  


Wire Rope

Including OSHA cable, all sizes and dimensions of wire ropes are available in plain steel, galvanized and stainless steel.

Wire Rope - Stock Sizes (see listing)



All configurations can be produced to your requirements and delivered to you or to your job site.



Shackles, Wire Rope Clips, Hooks, Thimbles, Wire Rope Turnbuckles, Swivels, Links, etc.


To learn more about Wire Ropes and Wire Rope Turnbuckles, contact us or request a free quote today!

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