Wedge Insert Review


Wedge Insert – General Installation Review

Wedge Inserts are also referred to as: Relieving Angle Insert, Shelf Insert, Malleable Iron Insert, Concrete Wedge Insert.

NOTE: These diagrams are intended as a general review and are not to be used as installation instructions. The Installer should contact the project manager for requirements regarding the installation of Wedge Inserts, Askew Head Bolts and Relieving Angles.

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The angle is mounted and leveled. The exact height is important because the brickwork coming up from below should end just below the bottom of the angle.

The angle typically has horizontal slots which are very helpful in accomodting left to right variations in the location of the Wedge Insert. The vertical adjustment in the Wedge Insert allows the installer the flexibility to adjust the angle to the correct clearance above the brick below. The shims between the structure and the angle correct any in/out variations in the concrete slab. (see second phot below)



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 Concrete Wedge Insert

In the photo below, the installer is locating the proper shim thickness. The near shim is 1/4" thick, while the next one further along the angle is 1/8" thick. Once the correct thicknesses are determined, the shims will be positioned properly with the bolt passing through the shim slot.

It is common for Relieving Angle and Shelf Angle jobs to use shims as much as 1/2" thick. Again, the size and composition of the shim should be determined by the project manager.  

Also note the horizontal slot where the bolt comes through the Relieving Angle. The acceptable slot dimensions should be shown on the steel fabricators drawings.                                     

Relieving Angle Shim 

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