Wedge Insert Review


Wedge Insert – General Installation Review

Wedge Inserts are also referred to as: Relieving Angle Insert, Shelf Insert, Malleable Iron Insert, Concrete Wedge Insert.

NOTE: These diagrams are intended as a general review and are not to be used as installation instructions. The Installer should contact the project manager for requirements regarding the installation of Wedge Inserts, Askew Head Bolts and Relieving Angles.

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The assembly is ready for the Askew Head Bolt.

The bolt diameter is always 3/4" on new construction. In prior years there was also a 5/8" diameter Askew Head Bolt and a 5/8" wedge Insert, but this will only be found in rennovation work at this point. The Steel Supply Company does stock the 5/8" diameter Askew Head Bolt. (click to view)

Selecting the proper bolt length is critical. The Askew Bolt must be long enough to pass fully through any shims that will be used, the angle, and a washer and nut. It can not be so long that it interferes with the brick that will rest on the Relieving Angle or Shelf Angle. Some projects will also call for a protective flashing over the Wedge Insert and Askew Head Bolt. All this should be accounted for when selecting the Askew Head Bolt length. (click for available bolt lengths)


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