Wedge Insert Review


Wedge Insert – General Installation Review

Wedge Inserts are also referred to as: Relieving Angle Insert, Shelf Insert, Malleable Iron Insert, Concrete Wedge Insert.

NOTE: These diagrams are intended as a general review and are not to be used as installation instructions. The Installer should contact the project manager for requirements regarding the installation of Wedge Inserts, Askew Head Bolts and Relieving Angles.

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At this point the concrete has cured and the forms are removed. The fasteners will be extending beyond the face of the Wedge Insert, which should be flush with the face of the concrete. The extended portion of the fasteners must be removed. As well, the portion of the fastener that is inside the Wedge Insert cavity may interfere with the head of the Askew Bolt. The installer/erector needs to decide how to cut the fasteners and where. It is important not to disrupt the Hot Dip Galvanized coating on the face of the Wedge Insert so care must be used with any grinding or abrasive tool.



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