Wedge Insert Review


Wedge Insert – General Installation Review

Wedge Inserts are also referred to as: Relieving Angle Insert, Shelf Insert, Malleable Iron Insert, Concrete Wedge Insert.

NOTE: These diagrams are intended as a general review and are not to be used as installation instructions. The Installer should contact the project manager for requirements regarding the installation of Wedge Inserts, Askew Head Bolts and Relieving Angles.

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Wedge Inserts are installed inside the forms prior to the concrete being poured. They are secured to the form with either a nail or screw. Select the fastener carefully, as it will need to be clipped or shortened after the plywood form is removed. 

There are three holes for these nails or screws. (The side view below only shows 2) It is important they all be used, both to be certain the Wedge Insert does not come loose and because an un-used hole will allow liquid concrete to enter the cavity inside the Wedge Insert where the Askew Head Bolt needs to be positioned. Hardened concrete in that cavity can render the Wedge Insert un-useable.


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Wedge Insert


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