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Specialty Shims - Viblon Pads

Viblon™ is a unique rubber pad used in construction as a bearing pad or shim. 

Its special properties come from it's composition of multiple layers of cotton-polyester fabric mesh that is completely impregnated with specially designed nitrile to form a very firm, durable bearing or shim.

In the edge view (lower right) the layers of fabric, known as Duck Cotton Fiber are completely impregnated with the rubber composite to form a firm bearing or shim surface yet still be capable of reducing vibration, shock and sound. 

The "hardness" of Viblon™ Pads can be controlled within a 10 point range when measured as Durometer (method Shore A). At the softer end the durometer range is 45-55. Medium is 55-65. The firmest Viblon Pad is 65-75 durometer. These ranges can be extended based on project requirements.

The dimensions shown in these illustrations are specific to the projects they were intended for. Typically Viblon™ is manufactured in sheets 48" wide and is fabricated to the specific dimensions of the project. Standard thicknesses range from 1/16" to 1".

Note: VIBLON™ is a trademark of Garlock Rubber Technologies. 

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 Steel Supply Co. offers Viblon Pads that are made from cotton-polyester fabric mesh.


The Steel Supply Co.’s Viblon Pads with 14”-7” dimensions.

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