Threaded Rod

multiple-threaded-steel-rodsThreaded Rod



anchoring-epoxy-gallonAnchoring Epoxy



Threaded-steel-rods-endsDifferent Sizes of Threaded Rod


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Threaded Rod and Threaded Studs 

In stock for immediate shipment. Bulk stock or cut to size.

Chamfered and/or chisel pointed per your specifications.

Carbon Steel - Right Hand Thread

Carbon Steel - Right Hand Thread (Made in USA) 

Carbon Steel - Grade 55 / F1554 Right Hand Thread (Made in USA)

Carbon Steel – Left Hand Thread

B-7 Alloy – Right Hand Thread

B-7 Alloy - Right Hand Thread - ASTM F1554 Made in USA)

Stainless 18-8, 303, 304 – Right Hand Thread

Stainless 316 – Right Hand Thread



Epoxy Adhesive Anchors

Red Head Epcon A-7      
730-A7-10 Adhesive – 10 oz. cartridge
730-A100  Dispenser for 10 oz. cartridge
730-A24 Nozzle for 10 oz. cartridge
730-A7-28 Adhesive – 28 oz. cartridge
730-A102 Dispenser for 28 oz. cartridge
730-E55 Nozzle for 28 oz. cartridge
730-BB10 Blow Out Bulb (for cleaning embedment holes)




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