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 Hydraulic Cement and Non-Shrink Grout


Steel Supply Co. offers hydraulic cement, non-shrink grout and anchor all. Contact us or request a free quote today.





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Non-Shrink Grout, Epoxy Grout and Sealants

Anchor All

Portland Cement based non-shrink grout. Anchor All provides excellent durability in exterior environments. Fast settings (approx. 15 minutes depending upon temperature) with compression strength or 7,500 psi after full cure.

Use Anchor All for securing and setting of Base Plates, Anchor Bolts, Railings, Alignment Pins and other fixtures in structural concrete and masonry.

Click here for the product data sheet. 
Important Cold Weather Note 


LT-12 Turbo Grout

Designed to be effective in colder temperatures, turbo grout sets fast and reaches compressive strength of 12,000 psi when fully cured. Excellent durability in exterior applications.

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Important Cold Weather Note


Rapid Resin Epoxy Grout

A 100% solid, 3-component, all weather non-shrink epoxy grout. Rapid resin repair can be used in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Note: Read the product data to learn how to install this epoxy.

Click here for the product data sheet.


Ultra Seal EF

A non-yellowing concrete sealer that will seal, protect and add an attractive gloss to existing concrete and grout surfaces. The sealing capacity aids in the effective life span of the substrate.

Ultra Seal EF (Earth Friendly) is a water based product with a voc level below 100g/L. This may also contribute to LEED credit. 

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To learn more about hydraulic cement, non-shrink grout and anchor all, contact us us or request a free quote today!


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