gratefix  gratefix


FAST One-Man Installation

GRATEFIX is a heavy-duty clamp that allows open floor grating to be clamped to the supporting steel from the topside only. The GRATEFIX features a cast bottom piece that provides additional strength to clamp on the steel flange.

Product Code
  Material/Finish Screw Diameter Body Width Tightening Torque (ft lb) Option
GF3 S08 ASSY   304 stainless steel   5/16   5/8 6      1     
GF1 S08 ASSY   316 stainless steel   5/16   5/8 6      2     
GF1 G10 ASSY   galvanized malleable iron   3/8   3/4 4      3     
GF1 G10 ASSYUK   galvanized malleable iron (offset bracket)   3/8   3/4 4      3     


Above left is offset bracket which allows for grating centers of 1-3/16" to 1-5/8". Drawing to right is standard bracket for common 1-3/16" grating