Protecting Stainless Steel From Showing Surface Rust

During the forging process of stainless steel clevises and turnbuckles and the rolling process of stainless steel rods carbon impregnation occurs from the equipment used to manufacture the product. These are very small bits of carbon steel that are not visible until they begin to rust.

Stainless steel material will become covered with a fine surface layer of oxidation depending upon numerous conditions such as:

  • Environmental sources: atmospheric conditions, pollution, acid rain, etc.
  • Electrolytic sources: A source of ion charge forming a galvanic cell. A galvanic cell is an electrolytic unit where an electrical current is created by a difference in potential where two different metals combine with an ion charge.

All present and prospective purchasers of stainless steel products should be cautioned concerning these possible conditions effecting their application.
If cosmetic appearance is required relative to the purchase of stainless steel it is reccomended the stainless steel components be pickled, passivated and electro-polished to protect the appearance of the steel from surface rust.


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