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Steel Marking Pens




Bleed-Through-Blue-Yellow-Red (003)

Bleed through Blue, Yellow and Red Markers 






Black, Green and Yellow Galvanizer Felt Tip Markers 





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Standard Steel Markers
(see below for Bleed Thru) 

Color Medium Barrel Large Barrel
White 01316 01323
Yellow 01416 01423
Black 00116 00123
Red 01116 01123
Blue 00216 00223
Green 00516 00523
Orange 00816  
Light Blue 00616  
Light Green 00716  
Purple 00916  
Brown 00316  
Pink 01016 01023
Silver 01216 01223
Gold 00416 00423




Bleed Thru Blue Valve Action Felt Tip

For oil based primers
01402 Bleed Thru Blue (Lg. Barrel)
01411 Bleed Thru Red (Lg. Barrel)
01414 Bleed Thru Yellow (Lg. Barrel)

For water based primers
06429 Bleed Thru Blue (Lg. Barrel)
06429-J Jumbo Barrel Bleed Thru Blue
06300 Replacement Felt Tip for Large  Barrel Water Based Only




Galvanizer Valve Action Felt Tip

Avoid problems with chargebacks for marks that bleed through galvanizing, and problems with grinding off and removing marks.

Galvanizer Valve Action Felt Tip Pens use ink that will completely dissolve in the pickling process prior to galvanizing.

01647 Black 
01648 White
01649 Yellow
01664 Green 




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