Laco-Markal Paintstik Markers

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laco-bleed-thru-blue-oil-based-paintstikbleed-through-blue-water-based-laco-paintstik  Type BL - Bleed Through Blue Paintstiks

Item # Description Packaging
LM80725 Bleed Through Blue - Oil Based Paints 12 pcs/box
LM80735 Bleed Through Blue - Water Based Paints 12 pcs/box
laco-markal-typeb-paintstik Type B Paintstiks

Item # Description Packaging
LM80220 White 12 pcs/box
LM80221 Yellow 12 pcs/box
LM80222 Red 12 pcs/box
LM80223 Black 12 pcs/box
LM80224 Orange 12 pcs/box
LM80225 Blue 12 pcs/box
LM80226 Green 12 pcs/box
LM80227 Pink 12 pcs/box
LM80228 Purple 12 pcs/box
LM80229 Brown 12 pcs/box
LM80230 Gray 12 pcs/box
laco-markal-typeF-paintstik Type F (Florescent) Paintstiks

Item # Description Packaging
LM82821 Florescent Yellow 12 pcs/box
LM82842 Florescent Pink 12 pcs/box

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