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Steel Supply Co.'s Galvanizing Vent Hole Plugs are tapered plugs that can quickly and easily seal vent holes in steel rails or fabricated steel


Steel Supply Co.'s Handrail Brackets are either flat or curved, with one center hole or two holes

Hand Rail Brackets

Item # Description
RC141 Center Hole, Flat
RC241 2 S Holes, Flat
RC142 Center Hole, Curved
RC242 2 S Holes,Curved
Steel Supply Co.'s Handrail Pipe Caps come in either a round or flat top, as well as steel or aluminum

Pipe Caps

Item # Description
RC271 Round Top for 1" pipe, steel
RC272 Round Top for 1-1/4" pipe, steel
RC273 Round Top for 1-1/2" pipe, steel
RC274 Round Top for 2" pipe, steel
RC672 Round Top for 1-1/4" pipe, aluminum
RC673 Round Top for 1-1/2" pipe, aluminum
RC172 Flat Top for 1-1/4" pipe, steel
RC173 Flat Top for 1-1/2" pipe, steel
Steel Supply Co.'s Handrail Flanges are available as covers, bases or slips


Item # Description
RC110 Flange - 1/2" square
RC250 Cover Flange - 1-1/4" pipe
RC255 Base Flange - 1-1/4" pipe, 3 holes 
RC260 Slip Flange - 1-1/4" pipe
RC262 Slip Flange - 2 holes
RC650 Cover Flange - 1-1/4" pipe, aluminum
RC652 Base Flange - no holes, aluminum
RC654 Base Flange - 2 holes, aluminum
RC655 Base Flange - 3 holes, aluminum
RC656 Base Flange - 4 holes, aluminum
RC660 Slip Flange - 1-1/4" pipe, aluminum
Steel Supply Co.'s Handrail Footplates are available with one, two or four holes

Foot Plates

Item # Description
RC126 Foot Plate, 4 tabs
RC129 Foot Plate, 1" square, 4 holes
RC229 Foot Plate, 1" square, 2 holes
Steel Supply Co.'s Handrail Wall Clips are available in straight, top, standard bend, large bend, large with slot or large

Wall Clips

Item # Description
RC131 Wall Clip - Straight
RC133 Wall Clip - Top
RC138 Wall Clip - Standard Bend
RC139 Wall Clip - Large Bend
RC237 Wall Clip - Large w/Slot
RC238 Wall Clip - Large
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  • Tabs
  • Angles
  • Solid Brass Finials
  • Lugs
  • Window Guard Brackets
  • Utility Brackets
  • Brass Rosette

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