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Rail / Post / Anchor Setting


Important Note :EZ Sleeve

This section deals with depth of the hole, and location of the EZ Sleeve. THIS IS A GROUT ISSUE. 

Different grouts will develop different levels of compressive strength and holding power. That holding power will vary based on a number of things; 

 - The space the grout has to expand in.(see below)
 - Depth of hole / embedment
 - Temperature at setting time
 - Mixing proceedure
 - Water Content

It is the responsibility of the installer, erector and project manager to assure they understand and follow the instructions for each different grout.  

The EZ Sleeve will make the hole the size it is installed for. The installer needs to determine the depth required and placement.




Using the regular 3" x 6" EZ Sleeve, shown below left, will provide a 3" diameter hole. 1-1/4" Sched 40 pipe has an O.D. of 1.66". This leaves a grout area that is 5/8" wide all the way around the pipe. Dayton Superior Anchor All (also known as Conspec) requires 1/2" width to develop its full compressive strength of 7,500 psi.

EZ SleeveIn the example below the same regular EZ Sleeve is used with a 2" Sched 40 pipe. The O.D. is 2.38". The 3" hole would only leave 5/16" of grout thickness. While grout will still cure it will not develop its full compressive strength. Besides cementitious grouts there are other products, some of which are expoxies, that will work in very narrow areas. It is important the engineer, project manager and installer understand the demand the setting will be placed under, and know the characteristics and capability of the product they are using.

EZ Sleeve 

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