Hooked vs. Straight Anchor Bolts


Hooked Anchor Bolts

Simple and Effective for Lower Height and Weight Columns

Hooked Anchor Bolts offer ease of use and lower costs.

Manufacturing time is minimized by threading only the exposed end of the bolt.

Eliminating the embedded hardware also reduces cost for Hooked Anchor Bolts.

Fig. 1

The limitation of a Hooked Anchor Bolt is that during an uplift the energy is only distributed on the side of the hook. 

Hooked Anchor Bolt Layout Diagram



Straight Anchor Bolts

Distribute Uplift Force 360° Around Embedded Plate to Maximize Resistance

Also known as a Double Ended Stud, Straight Anchor Bolts require more threading time. Hardware is added and welded in place to assure the embedded nut remains permanently in place.

Fig. 2

The advantage of the Straight Anchor Bolt vs. the Hooked Anchor Bolt is any uplift force is distributed in every direction around the bolt, thereby maximizing the resistance the concrete can provide.

Straight "Double Ended Stud" Anchor Bolt Diagram