Important Grout Selection Information

EZ Sleeve


Regardless if the post hole was made with an EZ Sleeve or core drilled, proper grout selection is critical to a secure and long lasting installation.

Many commonly available grouts are Gypsum based. Gypsum is the main ingredient in Plaster of Paris. While inexpensive and easy to work with, Gypsum grouts usually cannot withstand exterior environments without shrinking somewhat, often within as little as 12 months. This shrinkage opens up small cracks that allow water to penetrate, and the decay cycle begins.

Non-Shrink GroutTo ensure durability in exterior environments grout should be a Portland Cement based product. When properly installed these grouts can last as long as the railing itself. The photo to the left shows a sample installation using Dayton Superior Anchor All. This was set in January 2010. It was done using an EZ Sleeve, and Dayton Superior Anchor All. 

This post is outdoors, fully exposed to all the elements and is in direct sunlight all day. Temperatures ranges from near 0° F on winter nights to near 100° F on summer days. During the winter it has frequently been covered with snow, ice, freezing rain, etc.

Notice there is no deterioration at the inner or the outer diameter, and there is no flaking or cracking on the surface. 

There are installation differences between Cementitious and Gypsum Grouts. The installer / erector should be thoroughly knowledgable of the methods for using each. To access the product data for Dayton Superior Anchor All and other non-shrink grouts and epoxies, click here


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The Main Questions:

  • Interior or Exterior
  • Temperature at Installation Time
  • Diameter or Hole vs. Outside Diameter of Rail, Post or Anchor Being set
  • Compressive Strength
  • Cost


Dayton Superior Anchor All

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