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Shown to the left are the basic steps for using EZ Sleeves.

The snap on base has 4 holes to secure the EZ Sleeve to whatever is below. (See photo to right, note fasteners in base)

As well any form of brace can be used to hold it in place from above. (shown right)

Once the concrete is cured the EZ Sleeve can be easily removed. One extra benefit is that while in place the sealed top keeps the hole free of water, sand, gravel and debris.

By grabbing the tab with a pliers the EZ Sleeve unwinds out of the hole in a spiral, leaving a perfect - Cone Shaped -  hole. (See chart for dimensions)

Unlike with other non-removable sleeves the side walls are now bare concrete. There is no plastic or metal sleeve that remains in place and can decay or cause separation in the future. Grout has the opportunity to bond directly with the concrete walls of the hole. This, and the powerful expansion of the grout, is an important factor in keeping water out. 

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