Download your Free Made-to-Order Steel Wedge Worksheet

Whether your project requires lifting, exerting expansive force or shimming, you will need the right steel wedge to successfully complete the project.  

When you download our made-to-order steel wedge worksheet, you'll be able to:Download your free made-to-order steel wedge worksheet

  • Easily estimate the shape and size of the steel wedges you'll need 

  • Determine the most appropriate wedge angles for your project

  • Learn the equation for calculating the lifting force of steel wedges 

Simply fill out the form to receive your free guide. Once you click on "submit", the link to view the document will appear. 

Once you've calculated your steel wedge needs for your next project, we'll be happy to help you order your products. We can manufacture steel wedges in every shape and size. Give us a call at (631) 385 - 7273 or request a quote online by clicking below. 

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