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  Clip Angles & Specialty Fabrication

Steel Supply Co offers clip angles with holes or slots made to your specification.



Steel Supply Co's steel base plates can be made through specialty fabrication according to your specification.



Steel Supply Co offers specialty I Beam clip angles in stainless steel, aluminum or plastic





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All forms of Specialty Fabrication can be provided to save you time and keep you on budget.

Clip Angles

Clip angles are made to your specification with holes or slots.


Plate Fabricating and Specialty Fabrication

Especially for pieces that require unusual hole layouts or significant cutting or beveling, computerized equipment such as steel based plates and shims can be very accurate and cost effective.

                 - Moment Connections

                 - Base Plates

                 - Gusset Plates

                 - Shims

                 - Leveling Plates


Forming and Special Materials

Capabilities include Stainless Steel, Aluminum (like the I-Beam flange covers shown to the left) and even plastic. Cutting, bending, rolling and welding.


To learn more about clip angles and specialty fabrication, including shims and steel base plates, contact us or request a free quote today!


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