5/8" Askew Head Bolt

5 8 vs 3 4 Askew Head Bolt 


5/8-11 Thread x 3" long

5/8-11 Thread x 4" long

5/8-11 Thread x 6" long 

For many years the standard wedge insert used a 5/8" diameter bolt. This eventually declined with the development of the 3/4" Wedge Insert which is now the standard. 5/8 Wedge Inserts are no longer specified in new construction.

However, for any renovation work, if 5/8" Wedge Inserts are already installed in the concrete having the correct bolt can save significant time.

Important Notes:

We do stock 5/8 Askew Head Bolts. It is important to note this part is no longer manufactured in bulk. Due to the declining demand they are made in small lots. If you have a project requiring a large quantity please allow time for the manufacturing and hot dip galvanizing process.

Also, to assure the Askew Head Bolt you need will be available they are stocked in 3", 4" and 6" lengths. The 6" can be cut and re-chamfered to any length you require.

Due to the quantity limitations this part is manufactured domestically in very small lots. By comparison the 3/4" Askew Head Bolts are mass produced overseas and are available at much lower costs. When estimating a job that may require 5/8 Askew Head Bolts, it is advisable to get a firm price quote. There is a substantial difference in cost between the two diameters.